Open House


The next Open House will be on October 8, 2016. We thank everyone who has previously attended and so enthusiastically supported the event.  See you there in October!


Whether you're an aspiring young scientist or a long-time science enthusiast, you're sure to enjoy Lamont-Doherty's Open House. Tour a lab, participate in hands-on Earth science demonstrations, and learn from world-renowned researchers about their latest discoveries.

Next Open House: October 8th 2016!

Watch the 2014 Open House Lectures:

How We Can Achieve a Global Climate Change Accord with Jeffrey D. Sachs

Superstorm Sandy and Climate Change: Predictions and Responses, Short-term and Long with Adam Sobel

Sewage Contamination and Water Quality in the Hudson River: The LDEO/Riverkeeper Partnership, with Andrew Juhl

EarthScope Rolls off the Edge of North America:Imaging the Deep, with James Gaherty

Career Panel: Insights from Lamont-Doherty Alumni


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